I have several years of experience writing about small businesses and business owners.

Click on this link and scroll down for a full list of articles I have written for Nfocus Magazine.

Check out this article I wrote for The Nashville Scene‘s Vodka Yonic column.

See below for a brief selection of articles written in Merrimack Valley Magazine:

“North Meets South: Add A Little Southern Charm To Your New England Wedding” January 2015 issue

“The Fashion Makers” September 2014 issue

“The House That Gallagher Built”  Cover Story, Fall 2013 Home Issue

Please email me at wesley.h.gallagher {at} gmail {dot} com for more clips.

“Wesley is a talented and dependable writer and an invaluable part of our team. She possesses the ability to present a great deal of information in a clear and concise way, making it both entertaining and accessible to readers. She’s always up for a challenge and readily accepts any assignment thrown her way—and never misses a deadline!” -Nancy Floyd, Editor, Nfocus Magazine

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